Brazos White Lily


Brazos White Night Blooming Tropical Water Lily
by Kirk Strawn 

Night Blooming Tropical Water Lilies are a favorite with people that work daytime hours and get home around rush hour. By that time all of their day blooming lilies have closed up, but the night bloomers open in late afternoon giving these people a great display of blossoms thruout the evening and night. Night bloomers will close during mid morning.
Nymphaea 'Brazo's White' is a Very Large cultivar developed by the famous Lily Hybridizer, Kirk Strawn in Texas.
Brazos White is very free flowering. petal color is Bright White with outers of flushed green.
Sepals are white with outers of green. Stamens are soft yellow. large, round 6 to 8 inch flowers opening quite flat.
The blooms stand as much as 12 inches above the water. Pungent fragrance, pads are 12-14 inches across, medium green on top with light flecking. Undersides are olive green with heavily blotched purples, and slightly longer than round with wavy, serrated edges.
This is a large Lily with a 5-6 foot spread. This lily makes an excellent centerpiece for a large pond.
Light Required: Full Sun for best results.

Requirements: Tropicals need warm water.
In general, use 70F degrees as an absolute minimum water temperature for planting to avoid the tuber loosing all of it's pads and falling into dormancy. It's better to wait a couple of weeks until your water is warmer than to take a chance on loosing the plant.

You will receive a well rooted, young plant that is already developing many lily pads.
This sale is for ONE yearling lily plant.