Water Canna

$9.99 - 12.99

Cannas are often grown for their foliage alone. These tall wide leaved bright green plants have a continuous showing of color all summer long.
The large, paddle-like leaves resemble banana leaves and come in greens, blue-greens, variegations and stripes. 
Much hybridizing has been done to create more attractive flowers. 
Somewhat tubular and lily like, Canna flowers come in shades and combinations of yellow, orange, red, and pink and we are now offering WHITE. The flowers are borne above tall foliage.

Zone: 8 - 11 
Size: 2 ½ - 10' H, 20 - 24" W 
Exposure: Full Sun 
Repeatedly blooms throughout summer, and throughout the year in zones 9 and warmer. 
Will bloom first year.
Water Canna originated in the swampy areas of Louisiana.

The YELLOW variation produces bright yellow flowers at the top of 5 foot high green stalks.
It is a great plant for adding some high structure at the background of your pond area.
Water Canna grows well in bogs or well watered solid ground.
Wind has a way of tipping tall plants rooted in pots.
An 8 inch deep trench along the outside, back of the pond, lined with plastic, is a good place to anchor tall bog plants.
Canna, Cat Tail, Thalia and others can be controlled easily in this manner.
Just soak the trench with water once a week and they will be happy.

We recommend immediate re-positioning into a bucket filled with water, in light shade, until the plant(s) can be conveniently prepared for your water garden

YELLOW    $9.99
American RED - Green Leaf    $9.99
ORANGE $9.99
Australian RED - Dark Leaf   $12.99