King of Siam Tropical Water Lily


King of Siam Tropical Water Lily

King of Siam is very similar in color to Tina and Panama Pacific, but has double the petals.
King of Siam is a tropical, day-blooming water lily with brilliant DEEP RED-PURPLE colored blossoms that darken in color as days progress. The flowers have beautifully contrasting yellow stamens. The contrast between the purple and yellow is striking. The flowers ride on or just above bright green pads.

This is a medium sized lily that can adapt to any sized pond.

Somewhat earlier and hardier than other tropicals. This one can be started in water of 60F degrees. It's spread is 6 feet or more in open water.
Requires regular fertilization and 6+ hours of full sun to flower in abundance.
Like most tropicals, it requires warm water to avoid dormancy.
Requirements: Tropicals need warmth.
In general, use 60F degrees as an absolute minimum water temperature for planting to avoid the tuber loosing all of it's pads and falling into dormancy. It's better to wait a couple of weeks until your water is warmer than to take a chance on loosing the plant. See our pond tips about growing Tropical lilies where the pond can freeze thru the cold months.

You will receive a well rooted, young plant that is already developing Lily pads.
This sale is for ONE yearling lily plant.