Pamela Tropical Water Lily


Pamela Tropical Lily

Pamela it has sky blue flowers. 6 to 9 inches in diameter, saucer shaped, with broad petals and long peduncles holding them high above the water's surface. The pads (leaves) are green and marbled with red-brown patches.
An excellent bloomer, with a long blooming season.

Pamela tolerates cooler water temperatures than most tropicals but still requires a minimum of 60F.
Transplanting tropical lilys into cooler water than they need, can cause them to revert into dormancy, and the loss of all pads. If the plant does not have enough stored energy for a later re-growth, it could perish. 
Please, measure the temperature of your pond water at the level where plants will be placed. If below 65 degrees Farenheit, wait for the pond to warm a bit more before ordering tropical lilys.
We will hold your order and ship it when your pond is ready.

Requirements: Tropicals need warm water.
In general, use 70F degrees as an absolute minimum water temperature for planting to avoid the tuber loosing all of it's pads and falling into dormancy. It's better to wait a couple of weeks until your water is warmer than to take a chance on planting early and then loosing the plant.

See our pond tips about growing Tropical lilies where the pond can freeze thru the cold months.

You will receive a well rooted, young plant that is already developing many Lily pads.
This sale is for ONE yearling lily plant.